Force USA MyRack Mono-Lift (Sold in Pair)

Force USA MyRack Mono-Lift (Sold in Pair)

The Force USA MyRack Mono-Lift attachment is the first of its kind in Australia and offers a great cost-effective alternative to the expensive, full-scale monolift units. The Mono-Lift helps you achieve your heaviest power lifts by removing the need for the lifter to walk away from/ toward the rack with weight on their shoulders. As the lifter un-racks the loaded bar, the Mono-Lift’s hooks automatically fall out of the way.

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This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.

Ensures balance each lift
Strong enough to handle a massive amount of weight
Minimises energy waste as well as an unnecessary risk to your joints
Designed to be safe for solo use
Tested to meet rigorous safety standards
* With safety being our number one priority, we suggest combining the MyRack Mono-Lift attachment with a set of spotters or dual safeties when lifting heavy.

Weight Rating: 1200kg/2645lbs (static tested)
Shipping Weight: 14kgs
Includes 2x Mono Lift Attachments (1x for each side)


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