Force USA The Freedom Barbell 15KG

Force USA The Freedom Barbell 15KG

The Force USA – The Freedom Barbell is meant to hold onto heavyweights in free weight exercises such as squats and deadlifts. This variant is 15 kg. in weight.

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The Freedom Barbell by ForceUSA. A strong, premium quality Olympic Weightlifting Barbell that won’t break the bank.

The Women’s Barbell designed for female athletes. A multipurpose bar for WODs, Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting.

Every Freedom Barbell shaft is ground and polished before machining. This provides a refined finish and weight accuracy tolerance within 1%.

With standard dimension knurling and IPF/IWF positioning, the Freedom Barbell is the ideal all-rounder for anyone starting out to be able to perform a large range of various barbell exercises.

Standard Whip keeps you in control while progressing your lifting form.

The Freedom bar has a 25mm shaft diameter. The optimum grip diameter for Olympic Weightlifting movements.

The Freedom barbell has 4x bearings which give the sleeves great spin. Combined with bronze bushings, the bar has an extremely smooth feel throughout the lift.

Bronze bushings are higher quality than brass. They provide a smoother spinning movement and also self lubricate so they last longer.

With 170,000 PSI tensile strength, the Freedom barbell is extremely durable and heavy duty.

The Freedom barbell sleeves are immersed in a bath where zinc is plated onto the steel. Bright Zinc gives a premium quality finish and strong corrosion resistance.

The shaft on the Freedom barbell is finished in Black Zinc. A much higher quality finish than oxide with far superior rust protection. This provides a surface which takes chalk well and provides an excellent feeling in the hands. It looks mighty fine too.
Bar Length: 2100mm
Bar Weight: 15kg
Tensile Strength: 170,000 PSI Rating
Static Testing: 1,000 lbs
Grip Diameter: 25mm
Shaft Coat: Black Zinc
Sleeve Coat: Bright Zinc
Loadable Sleeve Length: 410mm
Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% Accuracy
Knurling Style: Standard with no centre knurl

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