Morgan 2-Tone Commercial Grade Medicine Balls

Morgan 2-Tone Commercial Grade Medicine Balls

Morgan commercial rubber medicine balls have a textured rubber construction finish provides a solid and sure grip that is ideal for all medicine ball drills. Used to strengthen the core, abs, arms, obliques and upper body for explosive results. The Morgan rubber med balls are Ideal for bounce passes, chest passes and overhead passes. Medicine ball training has been a tried-and-true staple of contact sports from the beginning. Improve strength, coordination, agility and fine-tune balance. A must for all training and fitness workouts. These medicine balls are NOT intended to be smashed against the ground or bounced with extreme force.

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This rubber medicine ball is designed to bounce so it is perfect for wall exercises whilst also providing secure grip
Even during a heavy training session, sweaty hands will still grip to the ball giving you confidence to keep going
Made from a textured surface to enhance a secure grip
Constructed from a durable rubber compound this ball is designed to last
Inflating valve to ensure the ball remains full
3kg – 4kg – 5kg = 20cm diameter
7kg – 10kg = 25cm diameter


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