Morgan Slam Balls / Dead Balls

Morgan Slam Balls / Dead Balls

Morgan slam balls are designed for workouts that require a ball to be dropped, thrown, and/or slammed and are different from regular medicine balls. It is popular among fitness enthusiasts with over 10,000 Morgan slam balls sold per year. Our slam balls are constructed with an ultra-durable and heavy-duty rubber shell filled with fine sand for fluid movement. A rough (tyre tread) surface allows for a high-quality grip even when wet. Each Morgan slam ball comes with a sunken air valve to adjust air capacity and overall firmness. It also acts as a safety feature to soften the blow. For easier weight identification the slam balls have been split into two colour ranges.

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Slam balls should never be slammed on the valve (air inlet) side of the ball, this can be achieved by holding the ball valve side up and slamming the ball down.
When inflating the ball, ensure that the needle is lubricated with Vaseline for easy entry into the valve. If this process is not followed, the valve may fall into the ball, resulting in the warranty becoming void.
Slam balls have a warranty of 6 months for commercial use. In order to increase the longevity of this item, we strongly recommend using this product on rubber floor tiles, carpet, interlocking floor mats, avoid using this item on direct concrete or any hard surface.
3-15kg slam balls are black
20-40kg slam balls are red
3kg-10kg = 22.86cm
12kg-30kg = 27.94cm
35kg-40kg = 33.02cm


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