FORCE USA F100 All-In-One Trainer

FORCE USA F100 All-In-One Trainer

Designed for your home or commercial gym and delivering an awesome full-body workout, the updated Force USA® F100 All-In-One Trainer features a state-of-the-art Smith Machine (300kg loading), Power Rack, Lat Pulldown Bar, and redesigned Multi-Grip Chin Up and Dip Stations. Force USA has also added new built-in cable attachments, extra barbell storage and an expanded exercise chart. Made with heavy-duty high tensile steel and commercial grade fixtures throughout, this beast of a machine also come with two 100kg/220lbs pin-loaded weight stacks.



  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles (Pair)
  • Suspension Trainer
  • J-Hooks (Pair)
  • Front Safeties (Pair)
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Tricep V Bar
  • 7ft Freestanding Olympic Barbell
  • Adjustable Nylon Handles (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Low Row Foot Plate
  • Lat Pulldown Knee Anchor
  • 2x Band Pegs
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holders
  • Extension Chain
  • 6 x Cabinara
  • Barbell Storage
  • Exercise Chart


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Usage: Domestic
  • Cable Ratio: 2:1
  • Weight Stacks: 2x 100kg
  • Dimensions: 210cm (W) x 175cm (D) x 232cm (H)
  • Weight Rating: 450kg
  • Chin Up Weight Rating: 300kg
  • User Weight Rating: 300kg
  • Warranty:
    • Frame: Lifetime
    • Parts: 2 years


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