Morgan Cross Functional Fitness Wall Balls

Morgan Cross Functional Fitness Wall Balls

Morgan Wall Balls feature a softshell construction and are extremely well balanced with uniform weight for easy handling and flight, during wall ball containing WODs.

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The outer cover is sewn from sturdy and flexible vinyl-coated polyester. The outer cover is designed to be durable enough to withstand the impact of training but soft enough to not injure the hands and face of the athlete. The filler material provides even weight distribution and helps maintain shape. The outer is an industry-standard 30cm diameter.

Durable ripstop backed Vinyl/Polyester
Balanced and true to form
Double-stitched seams
Centred and secure internal weight
Polycotton internal layer for comfort
Large Numbers for easy recognition
Colour coded
consistent colour scheme for any facility
Please note these balls aren’t meant for slamming.


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