The Force USA Weight Vest is the best gym accessory to improve the intensity and output of your weight resistance workouts. Its sleek, breathable, and adjustable design provides even weight distribution over your torso, therefore significantly boosting stamina and balance and reducing stress on your joints. This training vest will help you build strength, increase lean muscles and burn fat without interfering with your movements. Here are some of the best exercises using the Force USA Weight Vest.


The Force USA Weight Vest has a sleek profile, so it does not slow you down or feel bulky. This training vest adds weight to your torso, but the sleek design does not interfere with your range of motion. The weights are set in a horizontal design, allowing you to adjust the weight distribution according to your preferences. Even weight distribution allows complete chest expansion while running, and the breathable material and heavy-duty straps are ideal for long runs. Force USA Weight Vests provide maximum comfort and optimal weight distribution for every run.


CrossFit heavily relies on functional training, and the Force USA Weight Vest does not interfere with your range of movement. The sleek design with individual weight pockets enhances weight adjustability for a smooth transition throughout your CrossFit session. With each workout, you can quickly modify weight distribution for a different weight capacity.

Weighted pull-ups

Pull-ups are a classic bodyweight exercise, but the Force USA Weight Vest adds an extra level of difficulty to this exercise that helps you get more out of your regular workout. The Force USA Weight Vest activates core and back muscles with perfectly positioned weights. The weighted pull-ups intensify muscle movement for improved performance and better results.


Bodyweight exercises like squats are better with the Force USA Weight Vest. The added resistance elicits a powerful calorie burn. With the weight distributed across your torso, your muscles are forced to fire up more aggressively without throwing you out of your form. This training vest allows you to adjust the weight capacity as needed, so you can efficiently perform loaded squats with weight closer to your center of gravity.

Weighted push-ups

Adding the Force USA Weight vest to push-ups works your core and serratus muscles more extensively. The even weight distribution and extra load ensure that you get more out of your workout without worrying about back injuries or bad form. The weighted push-up is a compound exercise that works on major muscle groups. Although it is a natural body movement, it requires full body control, and the Force USA Weight Vest ensures that your natural range of movement is uninterrupted and highly effective.

When performing weighted exercises, it is important to have longer rest periods to pace yourself and catch your breath. Always ensure that you have the proper form and technique for optimum results. If you are new to wearing a weighted vest, start with a low weight capacity and gradually move up as needed.